Sunday September 23, 2018
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69/2, Central Bashaboo,
Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Bashaboo Friends Association (BFA)

Current Activities

  1. Basic and life oriented Community school program for the poor, disadvantaged, street and working children
  2. Health awareness and counselling programs for the parents and family members of BFA school children & poor community people.
  3. One stop - health services through Free Friday Clinic.
  4. Polio vaccination program  (among the children under five )
  5. Daily Bengali News paper Bill boarding  program
  6. Provides improved and nutrition food to BFA school children with the assistance of BNF funds.
  7. Skill Training for the Disadvantaged Children and Young Women in Dhaka City.
  8. Legal support / Advocacy for vulnerable women with the assistance of Bangladesh National Woman lawyers Association (BNWLA).
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