Sunday October 21, 2018
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69/2, Central Bashaboo,
Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Bashaboo Friends Association (BFA)


The objectives of BFA are to

  • To raise awareness on moral and legal rights and undertake of adequate arrangement protecting these rights within the community.
  • To create appropriate atmosphere of women empowerment through building up a better  gender relation and implement the social economic and human rights of women,
  • To promote basic and essential health services for disadvantaged community people.
  • To increase Literacy rate of the community people.
  • To ensure Employment opportunity through need base IGA program.
  • To develop Water & Sanitation facilities in the BFA working  area.
  • To ensure Human Rights among the community people.
  • To establish  Social justice in the community level.
  • To poverty alleviation of disadvantage rural & urban people.
  • To change the socio-economic condition of disadvantage rural & urban people.
  • To Promote social, collective and welfare-oriented activities and encourage greater participation for community development.
  • To Achieving the national goal “health for all and education for all”.
  • To Ensure Advocacy & legal support of the vulnerable woman with a special focus on establishment of woman & children's rights.
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