Sunday September 23, 2018
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Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Bashaboo Friends Association (BFA)

Exemplary Activities of BFA

Dengue Fever Awareness Rally

A rally to create awareness of dengue spread-reasons and consequences was brought by BFA. About 500 people from all ages took part in this rally. It was participated by community leaders, intellectuals, BFA volunteers, BFA staff members and local Ward Commissioner.

Free Friday Clinic

In order to promote the poor and destitute people with basic and essential health service. BFA runs health services free of cost on every Friday. The health service network established for the disadvantaged and the less fortunate people covers also BFA school children and their parents. The doctor in the clinic sits every Friday to look after the poor patients in the locality.

Winter cloths Distribution

The distribution of winter cloths among the poor families and children of BFA school is a common yearly phenomenon.

Immunization Awareness Rally

Every year an awareness rally is organised by BFA to increase peoples awareness on the importance of child immunisation.Besides vaccination is given to the under five children from BFA Free-Friday clinic.

Bill Boarding of Daily Newspaper

Bill Boarding of Daily Newspaper is a daily exercise of BFA. The aim of Daily Newspaper is to create current awareness about the daily happenings of the world among
the community people. This is viewed to be very important to keep people informed particularly those who are unable to afford daily Newspaper. The activity of bill boarding has been continuing since BFA’s inception in 1995.

Emergency Relief program for disaster and flood victims


All BFA volunteers were engaged to help the flood victims in di9fferent areas of the locality since 1996 till now.

Improvements Diets Program for the BFA school children

This is a weekly feeding program of BFA for its school children.This initiative of BFA will be continued.

Social Awareness Drama (SAD) of BFA

Every year a SAD is organised by BFA at the Sishu Academy theatre.Like other other years in the past in 2003 also BFA staged a drama named “Amenar Swapno” at the sishu academy and awarded by the authority.







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